What is the very first thing we see in the 'Lost' series premiere?

Who does Jack first see, upon regaining consciousness?

After he arrives at the beach, who helps Jack lift a heavy piece of wreckage off a passenger?

In the premiere, how far along is Claire in her pregnancy?

Why does Boone insist he knows how to perform CPR on Rose? (Spoiler: He doesn't.)

Which two characters nearly get crushed on the beach by the plane's collapsing wing?

Which cast member's name appears first in the opening credits?

What is Kate's response when injured Jack asks if she knows how to use a needle?

What is Sawyer doing when we first really see him?

What does Charlie write on his knuckles?

What is Shannon's initial response when Boone offers her a candy bar?

What is the first thing we hear Jin say to Sun, in Korean?

Who was sitting closest to Jack on the plane?

At whom does Locke make his famous "orange peel smile"?

Who joins Jack and Kate in the search for the cockpit?

Charlie was the rock band Drive Shaft's ______.

Which alum of director J.J. Abrams' 'Felicity' played Flight 815's pilot?

What was the final image of the premiere's first hour?

What color was sunbather Shannon's bikini?

Who found the handcuffs in the jungle?

Who got into a fistfight on the beach?

How did an angry Sawyer at one point disparagingly refer to Hurley?

What food does Jin offer to the other passengers?

Who does Jack ask to round up any medicine/prescriptions?

Who from this list did NOT join Kate and Sayid on the hike to the mountaintop, to use the tranceiver?

What is the first nickname Sawyer uses on Kate?

How old is Walt in the premiere?

What game does Locke introduce Walt to?

Who does an excited Claire invite to feel her baby kick for the first time since the crash?

Who shot the polar (!) bear?

Who does Sawyer at one point call "Sweet cheeks"?

What is Kate's response when Sawyer says, "I've been with girls like you"?

Who translates the French message that is heard repeating over the transceiver?

For how long has the French woman's distress signal been repeating?

Who says, "Guys.... Where ARE we?" -- the final line of the two-hour premiere?